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Some of our Projects

Holographic Multi-Stereogram

Dronacharya College of Engineering
(VI Sem - I.T Branch)

Heart Attack Detection Watch

Dronacharya College of Engineering
(IV Sem - E.C.E Branch)

Doctor Online

Dronacharya College of Engineering
(IV Sem - C.S.E Branch)

Wrist Band Vibrator

Dronacharya College of Engineering
(VI Sem - C.S.E Branch)

DCE (ED Cell)

Prosperity of a nation and society is measured by the entrepreneurial spirit of its people. Entrepreneurship is a key element of industrialization and economic progress. Entrepreneurs are expected to play vital role in the process of development by introducing innovations and demonstrating leadership qualities in the dynamic situation. Entrepreneurship has been found as a low cost and long - term strategy for ensuring supply of right kind of entrepreneurs in the economy to sustain the development tempo. Educating and training people for developing entrepreneurial capabilities through positive training interventions is the core strategy of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) founded at Dronacharya College of Engineering, Gurgaon.


Any technocrat is most welcome to join the EDC at the campus. The person must have the “cutting - edge” mandatory for being self - employed and the guts to take challenges. It is time that’s ripe for fresh ideas, innovative products and services. Real estate is cheaper, Government policies are conducive, inflation is under control and the growth rate is steady. In fact, one can smell opportunity hanging in the air. History is a living proof of this. GE, Burger King, Wikipedia, Google, CNN, Walt Disney, Wipro to name a few. All these big names started their operations during the worst of time and made it big. The next turn can be yours. So bring your ideas, your conviction and an open mind.

 Student E - Leaders

We have E - Leaders from all the departments who actively participate in the EDC activities and perform their role to the best of their abilities. Some of their roles include motivating students to become members of E cell, encouraging and guiding them to become entrepreneurs through various programmes conducted in the campus like orientation programme, E - Week, advanced EDC programme and so on. They also nominate students and give them a chance to explore various aspects of E Cell and become E leaders. Other roles of E Leaders are to remain updated with the various activities regarding EDC and send students to attend those activities.

 Contact Us

Farrukh Nagar – 122506
Gurgaon, Haryana
Tel: 0124 – 2375502, 2375503, 2375504

About Us

Our college is in collaboration with the nonprofit National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), which was established with a mission to create and support high - growth entrepreneurs, driving job - creation and economic growth in India. It partners with academic institutes to help them build an effective and a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem on campus to develop and support entrepreneurs. NEN represents India’s largest and most dynamic community of new and future high - growth entrepreneurs. It provides critical support to start - ups and early - stage entrepreneurs through high - impact entrepreneurship education; access to mentors and experts; fast - track access to incubation and funding; and learning tools and materials. In addition, it runs Entrepreneurship Week India, the country’s largest entrepreneurship - awareness campaign. NEN actively supports the programs conducted by us.

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